Nardin Alumni Career Presentation

On October 12, StaffBuffalo Partner Lauren Lewis presented to Nardin High School students on her career path from Nardin Academy to Fordham University to Pharmaceutical Sales to StaffBuffalo!

Her advice? It’s ok to change! Be open to new people, ideas and opportunities.

Lauren began by recalling her time at Nardin, both successes (being on the cross country, track and crew teams) and failures (getting a 1 on the AP Latin exam). She remembers not only the activities, but also the people, “amazing teachers and coaches who challenge, support, and encourage you beyond graduation day.”

After graduating from Nardin in 2002, Lauren headed to Fordham University for Chemistry, only to discover that she did not want to spend hours in a laboratory! She ended up graduating with a degree in Communications and Media Studies, while continuing to row as a Division 1 athlete. “Build your resume while you’re in college,” she says. “Explore different career paths through internships and gain new skills.”

Lauren built a successful career in pharmaceutical sales over the next few years, but was looking for ways to utilize her wide network of connections in Buffalo to participate in the city’s renaissance and development. She’d also always admired entrepreneurs and wanted to own her own business. So, in 2017, she made another major life change and became co-owner and partner of StaffBuffalo, a professional staffing firm in Western NY.

So, what’s life like now? “Owning a business means wearing many different hats, constantly networking, and looking for new ways to build your brand,” she says.

As busy as she is, Lauren finds time to give back to her alma mater both as Buffalo Alumni Chapter Chair, and as inspiration for the next generation of Nardin students to follow their passions and embrace the changes and opportunities that life presents.

Way to go, Lauren!

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