Mission Statement.

To make people happy.  

To develop and maintain close relationships with businesses and job seekers to develop an understanding of their goals. The personalized quality of our searches is based on the understanding that you are more than just a number.  Our unparalleled methods will always seek to be at the forefront of innovation.  We will thrive on establishing a reputation for complete reliability in everything we do.

We are the search firm you have been waiting for.


Where Buffalo Works.


Whether you are an employer seeking the  absolute best in your most important resources (the human kind!) or a person looking for the career of your dreams, rest assured that our searches and placements are always based in a qualitative approach.  We deeply believe you are far more than a number.  

 At StaffBuffalo, quality will always be at the heart of every search and placement.  


The heart and soul of StaffBuffalo  came together from an incredibly diverse array of fields and experiences.  Rather than stifle this diversity, we have embraced it and maximized our respective skill sets.  Quite simply,  we are hungrier, more creative, and harder working than any other agency in Buffalo.

'Impossible' is our favorite challenge. 


We do exactly what we promise we will do.  Seems like a simple, throwaway statement, doesn't it?  Consider it for a moment, it's always an unpleasant surprise when someone fails to do exactly what they said they would do.  We understand that your business and life have enough unpleasant surprises.  

 We welcome the opportunity to pleasantly surprise you.