StaffBuffalo offers an array of services with our number one focus always being on client satisfaction.  Our staffing services are limited only by the client's imagination.  From Administrative professionals to the highest-level Executives, StaffBuffalo will work with you to find the right candidate.  How do we provide such exceptional service?

By listening.

StaffBuffalo aims to establish relationships with companies and provide top performers to help those companies reach their goals.  We invest the time to understand your company, culture, values, and business goals. We work closely with you to clarify your wants and needs in order to make the perfect match.  Recruiting is all that we do.  That focus makes us great at delivering the best candidates. 


Permanent Needs

Finding a permanent employee to join your team is a huge investment.  We work hard to think outside the box to find the best fit, which reaches far beyond education and credentials.  When matched, our well maintained network of dynamic, challenging-to-obtain candidates will transform your organization. We make the extra effort to discover the talent that Buffalo has to offer and bring them to you.

We collaborate with you to find the perfect match, every time.  Let’s get started!

Temporary Needs

On a strictly project basis, temporary (or contract) staff helps boost employee morale and in turn improves retention.  It can also help reduce the need for overtime pay.  Contract employees regularly become an integral part of many organizations and we make every effort to create a seamless fit.

If you have a large project coming up, StaffBuffalo will help provide the talent to help grow your company.  Let’s grow with you!  

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