WNY at Work May 19th!

It’s graduation season, and summer is almost here! That means graduates looking for their first jobs, and Buffalonians looking forward to all the festivals and activities the city has to offer in the summer months.

On this week’s episode of WNY at Work, StaffBuffalo Partner Lauren Lewis and co host Dale Martin hit on all of these topics and more! Listen to the whole podcast here, and be sure to subscribe or tune in to ESPN1520AM every Sunday from 10-10:30am to join the conversation!

First, Lauren and Dale interviewed their producer, who just graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in journalism. He says he was fortunate to already know what he wanted to do, but that commuting to college taught him time management and balance.

Then, Dale asked Lauren what she would say to graduates if she were asked to give a commencement speech.

"Be yourself. Have fun. Work hard,” she says. “Talk to as many people as you can, and learn how to approach different personality types and organizations." The ability to adjust one’s communication style is extremely useful when it comes to networking. In turn, networking could help you land your next job.

"With our community in Buffalo, it's all about who you know,” adds Lauren.

StaffBuffalo often receives calls from people unsure of the job search process or even what career move they want to make next. Our Job Seeker Services are here to help, with Resume Formatting and Networking and Interview Workshops all designed to help you present your best self to potential employers.

While job searching, it’s also important to take time to relax and enjoy all of what Buffalo has to offer in the summer. Some of Lauren and Dale’s favorite activities are Greek Fest, Porchfest, and the Allentown Art Festival! What are yours?