The Future of Marijuana Testing in NY

As more states in the U.S. legalize marijuana, should companies rethink their pre-employment drug test requirements? StaffBuffalo Partners Maggie Shea and Lauren Lewis weighed in on the debate, and were interviewed for articles in the Buffalo News, WIVB Channel 4, and WKBW Channel 7.

"It is a candidate’s marketplace, which means that candidates are very picky about the companies that they choose to become a part of," says Maggie.

Candidates want to work for a company that aligns with their values, and more and more of today’s candidates use or support the use of medical and recreational marijuana. Restrictive testing policies may push away the qualified “passive candidates” who are difficult to find, says Lauren.

These relaxed policies would only apply to certain positions, such as office roles. Manufacturing jobs, on the other hand, require full cognitive function to perform safely, so Maggie and Lauren still recommend testing for marijuana.

Ultimately, they say, companies need to adapt and pay attention to the trends in legislation and public opinion, in order to attract and retain top talent in a tight job market.