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StaffBuffalo provides a proven Business Matchmaking Service, dedicated to a seamless Client Acquisition Experience.

Our Business Matchmaking Service is designed to connect businesses that are looking to buy other businesses or sell theirs. Our team works to understand the goals of both businesses, understand their needs, and provide an introduction to facilitate a “match”! It is important to understand what has driven a business to where it is today, as well as, understand where it needs to go.

For Buyers: We take care of all of the “busy work” such as updating and qualifying the lead lists, creating unbranded marketing materials, setting appointments, and providing consistent updates to our clients. We will use cold calling, personalized emails, and unbranded marketing campaigns to contact perspective sellers. This allows businesses to focus on their daily business while continuing their acquisition strategy for growth. The ultimate goal is to make sure that it is a “match” for both the buyer and seller before moving forward.

For Sellers: We work to make sure that the goals for your business are in line with the goals of the buyer. This provides a seamless transition for your business, your employees, your clients, and your vendors while ensuring that your goals are met. We also leverage our social media networks to reach out to potential buyers, in addition to, our growing roster of active buyers.

We will work with you to ensure transparency and qualification on both sides, but also give either party the choice to move forward.
In the end, we decide who we work with and will never partner with unethical or untrustworthy buyers.

If you are either Selling or Buying a Business, StaffBuffalo’s “Business Matchmaking” Program has you covered.

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