Tanner Smith

Project Manager | StaffBuffalo LLC


Tanner 16.jpg

Tanner found a passion for music while studying Classic Guitar in High School.  He attended Southern Nazarene University, followed his love for music and arts, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business in 2014. After graduation, Tanner moved to Toronto, Ontario where he worked in the video game and music industry as a freelance composer and sound designer in App Development. His limited open-work visa made it difficult for him to find a long-term career as a hopeful Canadian so after his visa expired, he moved to Buffalo, NY.

Tanner’s parents are business owners and introduced him to the world of professional networking from the moment he was born! Growing up in Oklahoma City, Tanner learned how important it is to build lasting relationships with both friends and acquaintances. This inclination towards business building planted a seed in his mind that he would one day start his own business.

Far away from his support system and with no connections in the Buffalo, Tanner leaned on his networking background and made it his mission to attend as many networking events as possible to connect with people and businesses in Buffalo. It was through these events that he was introduced to the local startup and entrepreneurial community. Tanner has developed lasting relationships within 43North and The Innovation Center which launched his Sales career with several of the 43 North companies. Through networking, Tanner built a relationship with StaffBuffalo. Tanner’s persistent networking paid off when an opportunity was presented to him to join the StaffBuffalo team! Tanner is excited to join the StaffBuffalo team as a Project Manager. In his role, Tanner is working on a client project connecting StaffBuffalo to other companies and professionals in Western New York!

Outside of work:

Tanner’s dream is to own a business of his own someday.  Tanner keeps busy working on his music tech startup, BandsToWatch, and networking with potential co-founders. The platform aims to improve the touring efficiency of bands and to give fans an incentive to bring more friends to local events. On any given day, you can find Tanner writing music, playing guitar, reading, brainstorming new ideas for his business, or relaxing with friends at a local venue.

While he is very business-oriented, Tanner also enjoys spending time in nature finding inner peace through yoga, working out, reading, and meditation.