You are focused on everyone else’s retirement…

Only 29% of Financial Advisors have a Succession Strategy in place

Only 29% of Financial Advisors have a Succession Strategy in place

Have you thought about yours?

  • 51% of financial advisors reported that one of the biggest challenges is finding the right successor.

  • Nearly 1/3 of advisors planning to retire in the next 10 years are unsure about their succession plan.

  • Despite the anticipated increase in retirements, only 29 percent of advisors have a succession plan.

Where do you stand?


Advisors generally have three options when they are ready to retire:

  1. Sell their book of business to an outside party

  2. Merge with a complementary practice

  3. Groom team members to take over

In each case, the firm could lose clients if they are unhappy with the change.

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Contact Us! 716.250.9859

How our client can help:

  • Over $150 million in assets to ensure stability

  • Experienced practitioners to assist your clients and ensure a successful transition

  • Both Commission and Fee-Based Platforms for client versatility

  • Holistic and transparent approach to investing so everyone is happy!

“To retain client assets and protect firm profitability, it is critical that firms address this demographic shift and put plans in place to effectively manage advisor succession.”

– Financial Advisor Magazine