Mandy Kellner

Recruiter | StaffBuffalo LLC

Mandy is from Buffalo, NY and she couldn’t see herself living anywhere else! She graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication, as well as a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance. Mandy has an extensive background working with people and client services.  

Mandy spent four years independently managing all office functions and client services for a variety of Boutique Fitness studios in the Buffalo area, including Client and Membership Relations, Streamlining Procedures, Public Outreach, and Event Planning.  Simultaneously, Mandy was the Director of Business for the Buffalo Bandits' dance team, the Bandettes, for four years, where she managed all Budgeting, Accounting, Operations, and Public Relations. 

As a recruiter, Mandy’s specialties focus on Legal, Healthcare and Administrative services. Mandy brings her excellent ability to work with different people into her position at StaffBuffalo. She understands the needs of the position and works extremely hard to find the best candidate for the position.  Mandy’s commendable attention to detail is extremely helpful when she is working with candidates to uncover if they have the skills and culture-fit needed for a position. 

On the weekends, Mandy works for CollegeBoard proctoring SATs, keeping her very busy! She has fantastic time management skills, is very organized, and loves learning more about and connecting with people, leading her to StaffBuffalo in 2017! When you work with Mandy, you will notice that her positivity is contagious and she is always putting her clients first.  Her work product is impeccable and timely and she is here to help!

When she has free time:

Fitness is a very large part of Mandy’s life, so she teaches Barre Classes at Barre Centric during her (very sparse) free time! She has a passion for dancing and took that passion to the next level when she started dancing competitively at David DeMarie Dance Studio and in the Advanced Level at Royal Academy of Ballet, where she currently teaches jazz dance.  Mandy now dances with Buffalo’s contemporary jazz company ConvergeDance Buffalo. 

Mandy loves to volunteer and give back in any way she can, which is why she is an active volunteer at The Salvation Army.  You can always catch her at the local malls, ringing the bell during the Holiday seasons, so stop and say "Hi"!

Mandy thoroughly enjoys her down time and loves to watch reality TV next to a big pile of nachos! She loves being outside in the sun and is always looking for a new patio to hang on with friends! Mandy is very excited to start this new chapter in her career, and is ready to put her passion of helping others to good use!