Jillian Majka

HR Consultant | HRBuffalo


Jillian’s passion for helping organizations and people is palatable the minute you start talking to her, because she will most likely start asking you the hard-hitting questions within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. She is about making things happen, getting stuff done, and improving culture to drive results. She listens to understand, not to respond, and picks up on the subtle clues about what’s going on in your company to make recommendations to improve all facets of the organization.

Jillian started her HR career in 2005 and has experience working in many different industries, from start-up to consumer-packaged good companies. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University at Buffalo.

Jillian has a very intuitive method when analyzing and working to improve organizational systems - she is able to quickly see and understand the dynamics that exist between individuals and Departments to make recommendations, which improve the culture and reach the desired end state. This makes her a natural at Organizational and Cultural Development.

Jillian most recently spent 5 years at a national CPG company, leading Organizational Development and Talent Management. In her tenure there, she worked closely with the Executive Team, redesigning the corporate governance structure, launching a new Purpose and Values, and helping the organization shift deeply rooted systemic behaviors to embed a new culture and drive performance.

Jillian has extensive experience developing and leading large organizational transformation activities, as well as, redesigning performance management systems, designing and implementing rewards and recognition programs, compensation structures, succession planning programs and many other large initiatives to align and drive employee performance towards business objectives and strategy.

In her spare time (ha, ha):

When Jillian isn’t working with great organizations, she is pretty busy with her two little girls, Emma and Sophia, running them around to the soccer field or dance class. When she does have an hour or two to herself, she is often at the gym or hitting up a barre class to work off all the Italian food she loves to make for her family. She is an avid cook and loves nothing more than to cook way too much food for her family, while enjoying a couple of great bottles of dry red wine.

During the warmer months, Jillian is often found in her gardens playing in the dirt, weeding, and enjoying being outside or swimming in her Dad’s large fresh water pond.