Secrets of Staffing Success Podcast

StaffBuffalo Partner Lauren Lewis was recently interviewed on Haley Marketing’s “Secrets of Staffing Success” podcast, which interviews staffing firm owners and industry leaders to evaluate their best practices, unique differentiators, and tricks of the trade that deliver world-class performance. During the conversation, Lauren and host Todd Lewandowski discussed StaffBuffalo and Lauren’s insight on:

  • How to compete with large staffing firms in a small market

  • What’s working in social recruiting

  • How StaffBuffalo’s candidate experience has helped attract higher level candidates

  • Tapping into the “ex-pat” candidate market

Haley Marketing began as a staffing firm in the 1990s and has transformed into the largest marketing firm in the world dedicated to servicing the staffing and recruiting industry. The firm now offers email marketing, website design, social media, blogging, print and online marketing.

Listen to the podcast here!