Licensed to Talk Podcast

StaffBuffalo Partner Lauren Lewis was recently featured on an episode of the podcast Licensed to Talk, where they discussed Lauren’s career journey, social media, volunteering, and even kickball! Listen to the whole episode here.

In 2015, Lauren and Maggie Shea, ran into each other at Starbucks. During their conversation, Lauren mentioned that she’d always wanted to start her own business. “Me too!” said Maggie. Just a few months later, Maggie announced that she was leaving her current company to start a staffing firm. Lauren helped out with the social media and marketing end StaffBuffalo, before joining full-time as a Partner in 2017, when it made sense for the business and her personal career.

Lauren and the Licensed to Talk hosts also discussed social media and its role in StaffBuffalo compared to in-person meetings. While social media helps to build StaffBuffalo’s brand and increase their exposure, volunteering in the community is just as important.

"I hands down love a face-to-face interaction more than social media,” Lauren says. “It goes so much further than a text message, than a phone call, than social media post or an email. You can really get to know someone face-to-face."

In addition to building personal relationships, in-person experience can also help you professionally, says Lauren. For college students, working part-time while doing internships provides the skills and experience necessary to land a great job. Similarly, those looking to change career or industry can benefit from volunteering for or sitting on boards at companies that align with their interests.

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