Clare Crook

Recruiting Assistant | StaffBuffalo LLC

Clare Crook

For as long as Clare can remember, she instinctively followed the road less traveled. Motivated by the happiness of others, spreading positivity was a focus when choosing a career path. Within three years, Clare graduated from The University of Buffalo in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Minor in Counseling. During her time at UB, she happily worked at The University at Buffalo’s Counseling Office, assisting crisis students, and motivating others to focus on health and wellness. After class, she spent most evenings choreographing for Impulse Dance Force, an on-campus club.

Clare found her passion for Recruiting early on during a volunteer summer internship. She discovered a passion in her heart to help others organize a stable experience of the full interview process all the way through to the hiring stage (and beyond). The connections she has made from helping people feel contentment and security in a position are what motivates her to learn more about recruitment.

Upon graduating, she worked closely with an agency to land a position at a nearby demand response company. Working in Customer Care and Sales Administration, Clare could answer any questions or help on clean-up projects. From correcting payment issues and creating payment or performance reports, to helping anyone set up a customer in the CRM system, her attention to detail was a primary focus. Within the year, it was clear that her skills working closely with others highlighted the passion she had for both networking and interpersonal focused work. Preferring a person to person approach, she is excited to recruit with StaffBuffalo!

Aside from work life…

Clare’s passion for dance and art has created wholeness in her life. Through creative flow and improvisation, dancing has made a lasting impact on the quality of her life. Clare has a strong motive to travel the world and attend flow concerts (Surprised?). These events help bring together like-minded individuals who may inspire each other to create closeness and a sense of being.

Clare also dabbles with paints and wires to create unique canvases and wire wrapped jewelry. Clare is easily found with a hula-hoop in hand or with a smile on her face, ready to take on what life has to offer. She looks forward to contributing her happiness and attention to detail alongside the staff at StaffBuffalo!