What to Expect When Working with a StaffBuffalo Recruiter

Have you ever wondered what a Recruiter does and how they can help you? Over the years, we have heard horror stories and common misconceptions from candidates when working with Recruiters, so we want to set the record straight and let you know what to expect when working with a StaffBuffalo Recruiter!

A few key points before we get started:

  • Everything is 100% confidential, no exceptions.

  • There is absolutely no fee to you! Our clients pay us to find the best match.

  • We cannot magically find you a job, since we only work on positions that we are engaged to fill with our awesome clients.

  • We will never make promises about your job search that we cannot keep.

  • There are a lot of factors to find the perfect match: salary, industry, culture, title, etc., so be open and honest with your Recruiter about where you currently stand, your motives for looking for a new job, and what your expectations are.

  • Connecting with a Recruiter is never bad, even if you find a job on your own! It is a relationship that can benefit you now or in the future!

  • It is impractical for us to reach out to everyone who applies to our jobs, due to the sheer volume of applications. If your background is a good fit for a position that we are working on (not only the one you applied to), we will definitely reach out to you directly!

What you need to know:

There are questions:

We ask a lot of questions about your career history, job search, and what you’re looking for in your next position. Do not take it personally, or think we are being rude – we ask everyone these questions and it is an integral step to find you the best fit. One of the biggest questions is salary, so be ready to discuss it! We ask about salary, so that we have an idea of what positions you are looking for and what we can present to you now, or in the future. We do not want to waste your time, our clients time, or our time - be as open and honest as possible, so that we know which positions you will be interested in hearing about and we can find you the best fit more efficiently!

It is your search:

The search, from beginning to end, is 100% yours! We are here to guide you, answer questions, give you the information that we have, and find out additional information for you. We never send your information to our clients until you give us the official consent! We will let you know everything we know about the position (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to help you determine if you would like to have your information sent to the company. Some information you can expect is: the Company name (if it isn’t a confidential search), Company location, why the position is open, number of direct reports, work hours, Company culture, etc. We do not like there to be any surprises, so ask as many questions as you need!

We walk you through the entire process:

You are not alone! We set up the interviews on your behalf, let you know who you will be meeting with, give you special instructions (parking, forms, things to bring), provide interview tips, and get direct feedback from the client about your interview. We also complete salary negotiations on your behalf, so you do not have to worry about asking your potential future boss for more compensation or other special requests. It is extremely beneficial to have someone guiding you through the process to give you that extra edge!

Do not cut us out of the process:

We will give you detailed information on jobs and clients that we have, so that you can decide if you want to interview at those companies. We are very open with you and trust that you will be open with us - we ask that you do not apply directly to the companies that we are working with, so that you do not cut us out of the process. We work directly with HR and the Hiring Managers, so your resume will be reviewed by the decision makers. If you apply on your own, we can no longer help you, and you will never know if your resume made it to the decision makers. Best advice: have your Recruiter apply on your behalf to give yourself the best chance to get the job!

We give advice:

We view our jobs as “Career Advisors” and “Matchmakers.” We know the Buffalo job market inside and out, because that is what we specialize in. We can give advice on salary, different companies in the area, your resume, career titles, interviewing, and much more. We are here to help! Even if we are not working on a specific job that you are interested in, we can inform you on companies and give you advice.

We are not stalkers:

Sure, we send e-mails and leave voicemails, but we are only doing our jobs. We love when people simply reply and let us know if they are interested in a potential opportunity, or not. If you do not want to receive emails from us, let us know! If you want to only receive emails about certain types of jobs, set up a quick phone call with the Recruiter, so that they know what to contact you about!

You do not have to exclusively work with one Recruiter:

We prefer you to only work with StaffBuffalo and believe after working with us, you will not want to go anywhere else. However, we will not be offended if you chat to different Recruiters. We specialize in different areas and work on a lot of positions that other Recruiters don’t, which is why it is important to come to us!

What we expect from you:

Be honest: It is important that you are upfront throughout the entire process. From the initial interview to the job acceptance, it is essential to be honest about your salary, reasons for job changes, resume dates, and other critical information.    

Communicate: Simply get back to us. We do not want to chase you down after an interview to get feedback or keep following up on your career search. If you’re interested, great! If not, no big deal, but let us know! We want you to make the choice that is best for you and we will still work with you as your search progresses, even if one position isn’t the right fit. Ignoring calls and e-mails is not professional, so just respond!

Be patient: We understand finding a new job is important and we want to help! We will reach out to you, as positions become available that could be a good fit, based on the criteria that you give us. Feel free to check in from time to time and always update us if your search criteria has changed! Just do not check in excessively, we have lots of people that we are working with!

Hopefully after reading this, you will feel more confident reaching out to a Recruiter at StaffBuffalo! Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for all of our updates! We look forward to connecting with you soon!