Job Seekers' Guide for those Entering College and College Graduates

If you are going to college, choose a major that has Career Progression

  • You can always follow your passions on the side and turn it into a career, after you get a foundation of work experience, which will only help you in the long run!

  1. Get Internships and Starter Jobs

    • Remember that you have to start somewhere – no one becomes CEO without learning the ropes first!

    • It doesn’t matter how late you are into the game - Internships and Starter Jobs are an excellent way to show that you are responsible, show up on time, and will roll up your sleeves to get the job done.

    • Add these jobs to your resume and be prepared to speak about them in your interviews! You need to be able to showcase what you learned in each position for future roles (ie. teamwork, coordination, working with different departments) .

  2. Network, Network, Network!

    • Utilize family and friends and contact people at companies that you are interested in, to start building an idea of what you want to do after you graduate.

    • Go to Networking Events for professionals in the fields that you would you like to learn more about.

    • Set up your LinkedIn profile – show your professional side on social media. Utilize LinkedIn to connect with companies and other professionals to expand your network.

  3. Always include your School Projects and Presentations in your resume

    • Treat School Projects and Presentations like a job on your resume. Use bulletpoints to showcase your efforts and demonstrate the things that you learned.

  4. Make a portfolio of your school work online and bring a printed copy in a folder for the interview

    • Add in your writing samples, projects, and presentations, especially for the more creative people.


    • Everyone is looking at your social media, so make sure you wouldn’t be embarrassed if your grandmother is looking at your social media!